• Redline Monitor plugin from 112dB

112dB updates Redline Monitor to 64-bit

A new update of the Redline Monitor plugin, 112dbs listening, Mixing and mastering tool, brings fixes, some enhancements and best of all 64-bit support for RTAS, VST and AU versions. Though no 64-bit AAX version for Pro Tools has been announced yet.

Redline Monitor is a plugin that delivers a more natural experience listening to headphones, “As if the sound comes from a pair of speakers“. It combines some clever filtering, frequency dependant delay, mid/side processing and room simulation with which the the extreme stereo separation of headphones is replaced by a stereo image of near-field monitors. According to 112dB the Redline Monitor plugin does this without any detrimental effect on the audio.

The update is free of charge for existing users and can be downloaded from 112dBs website.