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Avid announces Pro Tools 11

Avid today announced Pro Tools 11 a completely new version of their flagship Digital Audio Workstation software.

The new version of Pro Tools has been completely rebuild from the ground up giving exponentially more processing power than Pro Tools 10 on the same hardware with the use of the new Avid Audio Engine. It will also include many requested features like 64-bit memory addressing, sample acurate offline bounce that can be 150 times faster than real-time bounce, improved metering with support for the Bob Katz K-system and so much more. Below you can find an overview of some of the new features revealed for Pro Tools 11.

Because a public company has to deliver a product within 3 months after announcement we can probably expect the update somewhere around the end of June beginning of July.

The upgrade price depends on your current version of Pro Tools. Here’s an overview:

PT HD 10  to  PT HD 11  $599
PT HD 9  to  PT HD 11  $999

PT 10  to  PT 11  $299
PT 9 or earlier to PT 11 $399

Academic versions
PT 10  to  PT 11  $99
PT 9 to PT 11  $149

The Complete Production Toolkit will end to exist.
User with the CPTK can upgrade to the full PT 11 HD software for $999

All prices are in US dollars.

New features announced so far are:

  • New Avid Audio Engine
  • fully 64-bit
  • Offline bounce up to 150 x faster than real-time bounce
  • New buffering system delivering plugin monitoring with no latency
  • New built-in high resolution Metering with support for RMS, VU, K-system, EBU and many more standards
  • Metering adds Gain Reduction meter for selected dynamics plugin
  • Master Track can use a different Metering standard than other tracks
  • Dynamic Plugin Processing only uses CPU power when audio clips present on a track
  • HD Video editing and monitoring support within Pro Tools
  • Video Engine from Media Composer built-in
  • Automate tracks while recording
  • Send overview of ALL sends at once
  • Install PT 11 next to PT 10 on the same machine for backwards compatibility
  • And many more unanounced features …

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