Ohm Force releases Ohm Studio

Is the world in need of another DAW? Ohm Force thinks so as they released their new baby Ohm Studio. Imagine this, you start a song idea with a percussion sample and a melody line. You need a drummer, so you search for a drummer somewhere else in the world that would like to collaborate right from within the software. From the comforts of his own studio, the drummer you found on the other end of the world, records a drum track that you receive in your project as soon as he hits save and send. Then you need a bass line so a bass player from Africa chimes in on your request, a singer from Brazil produces lyrics and a stunning vocal performance in your song. This what Ohm Studio is about, worldwide music production.

This new DAW is a digital hub for cloud-based collaboration in pro audio production. Ohm Studio is not just a DAW it is also a cloud based storage for your projects that includes the communication tools needed to contact musicians and producers all over the world that you want to work with on your production.

It’s a great innovative idea and the video link (from the image above) explains in less than 5 minutes the whole concept of this new music production software. Ohm Studio is of course also a DAW with audio tracks, virtual instruments and plugins. And it doesn’t stop there. Ohm Force has already announced ideas of what they want to realise in version 2 of Ohm Studio. Things like people driven improvements, offline DAW mode, redesign of the core audio engine, video tracks and more.

Ohm Studio comes in three flavours: Ohm Studio Free, Ohm Studio Pro ($42 Us or €39) and Ohm Studio Pro XXL ($107 US or €99). For more info visit the Ohm Studio website.