DDMF releases Metaplugin in AAX format

Pro Tools 10 and 11 users will be delighted to hear that DDMF have released an AAX version of their popular Metaplugin.

Metaplugin allows you to host VST or Audio Unit plugins inside Pro Tools. The neat thing is that you can not only load a single instance of a VST or AU plugin but also create complex chains of plugins that can be loaded with one click. If you want to host 32-bit VST plugins on a Mac you need to use JBridgeM to get Metaplugin to see the plugins.

Metaplugin is a great way for Pro Tools users to load multiple plugin presets for third party plugins that are also available in VST or AU format. The best part is that Metaplugin only costs $39 US.

More info on Metaplugin can be found at DDMF’s website.