• MetaFilter by Waves

MetaFilter new Waves Plug-in Now only $99

Waves today introduced their new MetaFilter sound shaping plug-in.

MetaFilter is designed around a multimode filter with extensive modulation options that are powered by Waves’ Virtual Voltage technology. According to Waves this creative effects plug-in provides warmth, depth and fatness of classic analog filters.

You can individually modulate each filter’s cutoff, resonance and delay time using three separate modulators. The modulators are a 16-step sequencer, an LFO, and an envelope follower with a sidechaining option. This makes for easy filter sweeping, tremolo, auto wah, rhythmic gating, ducking, and modulating delays with saturation buildups.

MetaFilter has an MIDI Learn capabilities that allows you to control it from any MIDI controller, which is great for live DJ performances. A MIDI keyboard can be used for playing the filter cutoff.

– Three separate modulators: 16-step sequencer, LFO,
and envelope follower with sidechaining option
– Fat analog sound quality
– Intuitive MIDI Learn
– Fully modulatable analog delay
– Powered by Virtual Voltage technology
– Endless sound-shaping possibilities

MetaFilter is available now for Mac OS X and Windows in 64-bit AAX, VST and AU plug-in formats. Regular price is $200 US but for a limited time it can be yours for only $99 US. More information can be found on Waves’ website.

Watch MetaFilter in action: