• Mello by UVI

Mello for Free With Purchase from UVI Store

UVI is giving away their Mello plug-in worth $99 US with any plug-in that you purchase from the UVI web store.

Mello is a digital recreation of the 60’s tape based Mellotron instrument. The classic Mellotron M400 had 35 keys with a tape and a tapehead under each key. Each tape had 3 tracks, on which 3 different sounds were recorded. A switch placed the heads on the desired track. Placing the selector switch inbetween two settings allowed the head to position itself between 2 tracks – which allowed the musician to play two tracks at once. Each tape had a length of 8 seconds. Once the tape had been fuly played, you had to release the key to be able to play the tape again.

UVI’s Mello emulates Mellotron and added some unique features not available in the original Mellotron. Add the plug-in(s) you want to buy to your cart in the UVI webstore. At checkout, enter your gift code “MELLOBONUS” in the “Vouchers” field and the free gift will be automatically added to your shopping cart.