Matrox releases Thunderbolt Docking station

Matrox just released their Thunderbolt Docking Station. This breakout box connects to a single Thunderbolt port allowing you to connect devices like a display, mouse, keyboard, gigabit ethernet and more. This is great news for those of us using a mobile workstation like a Macbook Pro.

The Thunderbolt Docking Station comes in two flavours. The DS1/DVI and the DS1/HDMI allowing you to connect a diplay either via dvi or hdmi. Next to either the dvi or hdmi connections both stations have two USB 2.0 ports, one USB 3.0 port, a gigabot ethernet port, mini-jack headphone out and mini-jack audio input, and of course a Thunderbolt port. The Docking Station is available now for $ 249 in the Americas and is expected to be available in Europe January 2013.

For more info visit the Matrox website.