• Syntorial by Plugin Boutique

Learn Synth Programming with Interactive Syntorial

Plugin Boutique revealed a new piece of software called Syntorial that will help you learn the mysteries of synthesizers and synthesis.

Syntorial is synthesizer training software that can teach you how to program synth plug-ins and synthesizers and how to design your own sounds. According to Plugin Boutique it is Way more than just another tutorial. Syntorial will allow you to program the sounds that you hear, do away with presets and know when , why and how to use more than 60 common synthsizer parameters.

Syntorial doesn’t just show you how to program a synth. It involves you in 129 interactive challenges in which you have to program patches on a built-in software synth. Instead of just talking about the science and physics behind synthesizers, Syntorial will show you how each control effects sound, as well as when, why and how you would use them for designing your own sounds.

Syntorial is available in 32 and 64-bit for Mac and Windows for the price of US $132 or €97. More information on syntorial can be found on plug-in Boutique’s website.