• iRig PADS by IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Working on iRig PADS Midi Controller

IK Multimedia silently lifted the veil off a new iRig family product at NAMM 2014 that not many have seen yet.

iRig PADS is a midi controller for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac/PC. It is a compact controller for virtual instruments and works out of the box with SampleTank and IK’s Groovemaker products. The iRig PADS contains 16 multi-color LED illuminated pads, three rotary encoders, one fader, and programmable switches to dial in data from virtual instruments. It is bus powered and comes with three adapter cables for Apple’s Lightning connection, 30-pin connection and USB.

No further information has been made available yet as IK Multimedia has not officially launched iRig PADS. In several interviews though they have whispered that iRig PADS will be available somewhere in the coming months.