• iRing by IK Multimedia

IK MultiMedia Announces iRing Motion Controller

iRing is a new motion controller for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad music apps that can control music and effects through touchless motion.

iRing comprises of two ‘rings’ that you can wear between your fingers. Gestures with your hands are picked up by the camera of your iDevice and translated to control parameters for your music and effects. Using the front-facing camera your iDevice determines the exact position of the linear or triangulated iRing ‘rings’ on your hands. This allows you to control up to six parameters at the same time.

iRing X, Y and Z axisThe rings have a linear pattern of special engraved dots on one side and a triangular pattern on the other. These dots are picked up by the front-facing camera. An advanced volumetric positioning algorithm determines the exact physical location of the rings in relation to your iDevice. This gives you a three-dimensional X, Y and Z grid to control three parameters with each hand. The movements of your hands are then converted to midi control messages alowing you to control anything that can be controlled via midi continuous controllers.

The main part of iRing is an app called iRing FX/Control. This drives the technology behind iRing that allwos you to send the midi controller data to other aps on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. iRing FX/Control also has 16 high quality effects like delay, filter, compression, reverb, wah-wah or stutter effects. You can then use this effect in any AudioBus or Inter-App Audio compatible apps. iRing is compatible with other apps from IK Multimedia like AmpliTube, SampleTank and Groovemaker 2.

When you buy iRing you not only get the iRing FX/Control app but also the iRing Music Maker app. This allows you to create real-time, dance grooves and music sequences using hand gestures.

IK Multimedia have developed an SDK and a free licensing program for app developers to use the iRing technology in their apps. A set of two iRing rings costs €19,99 and can be pre-ordered now on Ik MultiMedia’s website.