• iRig HD and iPhone 5 IK Multimedia

IK MultiMedia announces iRig HD and more

IK Multimedia announces iRig HD and iKlip 2. iRig HD is the follow-up to IK’s best-selling iPad guitar interface. It has higher quality 24-bit recording and is compatible with iPad 2 and upwards. The new detachable cables allow you to connect the iRig HD to a Lightning port on the new iPhone 5, iPad and iPad Mini as well as a 30 pin connector for backward compatibility. Next to that you can use a USB adapter cable that allows you to plug the iRig HD directly into your Mac.
The iRig HD is powered by the iOS device or the USB port and now also works with line level signals to record from mixers, keyboards and other gear.

Also new from IK is iKlip version 2. The only downside to the old iKlip is that you have to use a screwdriver to change it from portrait to landscape orientation. No more of that! The iKlip 2 has a special ball joint that allows you to change its orientation with ease. It can easily be adjusted and is available in a universal version for all iPads as well as a version for the iPad mini. Next to the iKlip 2 there’s also new tabletop versions called iKlip studio and iKlip stand.

For more info on the iRig HD and the iKlip 2 visit IK Multimedia’s website.