Great VST Plugins for Pro Tools

If you are using Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 or BlueCat’s Patchwork or MB-7 to host VST instruments in Pro Tools 11, than you have a whole new world of plugins to explore.

There are many great VST plugin developers that unfortunately don’t make AAX versions. One such developer is Melda Production. They also have a good number of Freeware plugins.

Other great Free VST plugins are Ambience a Reverb plugin by by Magnus, ThrillseekerLA a amplifier emulation and Density a buss compressor by Variety of Sound, and multiple plugins by Voxengo.

Make sure though that before you buy VST plugins for Pro Tools, you test a trial version first in VEP5 or BC’s Patchwork. It should work properly and without glitches. Of course it is also important to nag VST plugin developers for AAX versions. They won’t develop them if no one asks for them. Do you know of any other great VST plugin developers that Pro Tools users should check out?