Mix Buddy Giveaway

Mix Buddy Giveaway

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We are giving away a number of copies of Mix Buddy.

It will be a very simple game just for fun and no strings attached or any obligations. If you know the answer to the question, send it to us via our contact page. We’ll randomly pick someone that sends us the right answer and give away a free copy of Mix Buddy. There will be multiple questions so multiple chances to win.

All Winners will be notified by e-mail and on this webpage. If you see your name on this page but didn’t receive an e-mail, please make sure to check your mail’s spam box.

Like you, we really dislike spam so we will never ever give your details to anyone else or force our e-mails upon you. Your e-mail address will only be used to send you an announcement if you won. That’s a promise.


Which law enforcement had a song about a stroll on the moon?

Congratulations to Simon Fine for winning the first copy!!
The answer was of course The Police.

Here’s another one:

Which birds had a huge hit with a song about a mysterious hotel?

Congratulations to Sven Engdahl for winning the second copy!!
The answer was The Eagles.

And let’s keep going 3:

Who won Best International DJ Award for the last three years?

Congratulations to Frank Valet for winning the third copy!!
The answer was indeed Armin van Buuren.

And another one:

New York Compression is also known as?

It’s a good day, let’s give two copies away!
Congratulations to Stephano Bel and Chmiel Anthonyfor winning a free copy of Mix Buddy!!
The answer was Parallel Compression.

But there’s no stopping us:

What name did we give to a collection of an instrument’s important frequencies in Mix Buddy?

Congratulations to Adrian Tello for winning a free copy of Mix Buddy!!
The answer was of course EQ Blueprints.