Drumagog 5.2 Update brings AAX 64-bit Compatibility

Wavemachine Labs has updated Drumagog to version 5.2. The new version brings 64-bit AAX support to both OS X and Windows.

Drumagog 5.2 is a software plug-in which replaces acoustic recorded drum tracks with drum samples of your choice. Replacement of the samples can be further refined with Drumagog’s deep control of samples and triggering. Complete information on every sample is displayed (down to whether it is a left or right-hand hit). You can solo, mute, play, delete, and reorganize samples or change and automate pitch, level and articulation.

Drumagog comes in three editions, Basic, Pro and Platinum. The differences are in the amount of features that you get with each. An overview of the three editions can be found on Wavemachine Labs’ website.

Version 5.2 is available now from Wavemachine Labs’ online Store. The Basic version costs US $89, Pro costs $289, and you pay $379 for the Platinum version.