• Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl to Produce HBO series on Studios

Dave Grohl is to present and produce his own TV series for US cable channel HBO according to an article by Classic Rock.

The new series will see Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl visiting, and recording music, at some of the world’s most iconic recording studios. In the series, Grohl will also conduct interviews with some of the artists who have recorded at these legendary studios

Some of the studios that Grohl visits in the series include Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, Don Zientara’s Inner Ear studios in Washington DC and Rancho De La Luna studios in California. Grohl has also visited studios in New York, Seattle and Nashville.

Some of the musicians interviewed for the series are Kiss frontman Paul Stanley, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, Joe Walsh from The Eagles and Dischord Records head honcho Ian MacKaye.

The series is expected to air as part of HBO’s winter schedule. A title for the series is not known yet.