• Native Instruments Christmas Giveaway

Supercharger – a Christmas Giveaway by Native Instruments

It’s almost Christmas and Native Instruments is playing Santa Claus again. Last year they gave away their distortion plugin Driver. This year they have a new plugin gift wrapped for us called Supercharger.

Supercharger is a compressor that, according to Native Instruments, adds unique, colorful character to anything it touches. The plugin is modelled after a boutique tube compressor. The one-knob plugin allows you to change the dynamics of the sound in an intuitive manner and with full focus on the sound. The first step is to set the input gain. After that you can add harmonic saturation and presence without having to adjust the makeup gain. The Punch button adds more detail to transients and the Dirt button provides an extra layer of saturation.

Supercharger is available for all DAWs including Pro Tools 11. More information and a link to download the plugin can be found on Native Instruments’ website.

Next to Supercharger NI is giving away a $25 / €25 e-voucher via the redeem code CPKM4DEDA. Plus you can download four free Traktor Remix Decks.