• Avid Eleven Rack with stand-alone editor

Avid Eleven Rack Editor Now Available

Avid released a 64-bit stand-alone editor for their popular audio interface and guitar effects hardware called Eleven Rack.

The visual editor runs on Mac and PC and allows you to edit the Amp, Cab and effect settings directly from the computer. In Pro Tools version 10 and earlier this editor was integrated as a window inside Pro Tools. The release of Pro Tools 11 saw the Eleven Rack window disappear. Avid has explained in different forum threads that the decision to create a stand-alone editor was made early in the development of Pro Tools 11. Due to the 32-bit nature of the old editor it would have delayed the development of Pro Tools 11. Plus a stand-alone editor has been the number request of Eleven Rack users for a long time on the Protools Ideascale pages.

The editor is available now and is a free download for existing Eleven Rack owners. Keep in mind that the editor works on 64-bit operating systems only so OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Mavericks and Windows 7 or 8. It also requires you to have Eleven Rack hardware that has the Eleven Rack Expansion Pack installed with firmware v2.0 or higher.