• UVI Soloists of Prague

Virharmonic Releases Soloists Of Prague for UVI Workstation

Virharmonic today released a new UVI powered library from Virharmonic called Soloists of Prague.

The library contains four solo voices from the world renowned Prague Philharmonic Choir. The voices are a Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. The plug-in runs in the UVI Workstation plugin and contains three sections, the Libretto Engine, a Mixer page and the settings page.

The most interesting section is the Libretto Engine. This allows you to to build words by typing syllables in a easy to use interface. The Mixer section gives you full control over the four voices by allowing you to change the panning, width and volume of four close mic channels. The Settings section contains parameters that you can tweak to change the four voices. The sound library contains no loops. As Virharmonic states, “Voices need to breath”.

Soloists of Prague is available now from Virharmonic’s website for the price of