• Vintage Vault Ultimate Synth Collection by UVI

Vintage Vault New Synth Collection by UVI

UVI Released Vintage Vault a new Collection of 36 vintage synth rompler plug-ins.

Vintage Vault gives you access to the full line of UVI vintage series instruments. It’s a comprehensive collection that, according to UVI, covers the history of synthesis from analog to digital and everywhere in-between. The instruments are no emulations. All UVI vintage series instruments start with extensive sampling of the real hardware instruments by UVI’s sound design team. The award-winning UVI Engine XT™ gives you the ease, efficiency and control provided by modern software.

Vintage Vault instruments run in the UVI Workstation (included). This is a multi-timbral plug-in with built in arpeggiator, mixer, aux busses and effects. You can create your own key-splits, design layered instruments and save your setup for later. UVI Workstation offers compatibility on all major platforms and DAWs, including 64-bit VST, AU, AAX and standalone.

The total size of Vintage Vault is 63 GB which surprisingly can still be bought as a download. It contains 36 instruments with over 5,000 presets that have a sample resolution of 44.1 kHz at 96 kHz. It is also available as a deluxe boxed edition with USB key.

Vintage Vault costs US $499 or €364 excluding shipment if you buy the boxed version instead of the download. More information on Vintage Vault can be found on UVI’s website.