• Razor Additive Synthesiser by Native Instruments

Razor from Native Instruments updated to version 1.5

Native Instruments have updated their Additive synthesiser Razor to version 1.5 with plenty of new features.

This virtual instrument now sports over a 100 new and many updated presets. The additive synthesis engine gains 12 new modules for sound generation like Metal, Noisy, Air, P-Grid, F-Grid, Unisono, Rectifier and more.

With seamless Maschine integration, RAZOR 1.5 now offers a macro control system that maps single or multiple parameters straight to the eight control knobs on your MASCHINE hardware.

Native Instruments has a special deal until 9 December. You can now buy the full version for only €49,50. More information on Razor 1.5 can be found on Native Instruments’ website.