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Mix Buddy   Overview

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ix Buddy is the audio reference tool that can help you produce a better sounding mix. Packed with mix tips, detailed information on equalization (EQ), and many video tutorials, improving your mix is but a tap away. The best thing is that Mix Buddy runs on any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad* with iOS 5 or higher so you can have all the information right in your pocket. (* in iPhone compatibility mode)

EQ Blueprints

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Making a vocal recording ‘warmer’ or taking the ‘boomy’ sound out of an acoustic guitar may seem mysterious and difficult to grasp. But with its unique interface the EQ Blueprints in Mix Buddy show you the important frequencies for many instruments. These help you make that vocal sound warmer , the guitar less boomy or a violin less scratchy. Fixing the sound of an instrument in your mix is but a tap away.

Each EQ Blueprint also comes with plenty of mix tips on how to apply EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delay et cetera. And to top it all the upcoming version 1.1 of Mix Buddy now also allows you to save your own EQ and mix tips so you can expand your instrument library with all the tips you find elsewhere.

Tutorial video’s on Mixing Techniques

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To become a better mixer you need to have good knowledge of all the technology involved. Mix Buddy contains clear and in-depth tutorial videos explaining topics like The Frequency SpectrumFundamentals and HarmonicsSetting up your monitors and How EQ works. Free future updates of Mix Buddy will include many new videos covering different topics from novice to advanced.


A handy Pitch reference

Project Studio What is the frequency of the B-string on a bass guitar? What’s the midi note of middle C? Answers to these questions  and more can be found in the handy Pitch reference of Mix Buddy. Scrolling through a visual keyboard gives you note names, Midi note numbers, note frequencies and more.

A Killer App!!

Mix Buddy is Unique in the App Store.


A very handy app that’s always useful during mixing.

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