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  • Littlebits Synth Kit Info And Pre-order

    Littlebits has released information on their new product Synth Kit, which is produced in collaboration with Korg. Synth Kit can be pre-ordered now for the price of $159 US and should be available in limited quantity on December 6th. More information, videos and sound samples can be found on littlebits’ website. Here’s a direct link […]

  • Chicken Systems updates Translator 6 for OS X 10.9

    Chicken Systems has updated Translator 6 with support for Mac OS X Mavericks including many new features and bug fixes. New features for Translator 6 include: Chicken Systems also upgraded many of their other products like Instrument Manager, Kontakt Assistent, Motif Creator and MV Kit Creator.

  • Mix Buddy and iOS 7

    We are on the verge of submitting Mix Buddy with iOS 7 compatibility. There are a few nasty bugs to fix that sneaked up on us with the final release of iOS 7.

    Due to these surprise bugs version 1.2 will be a compatibility release only. Another update will come shortly thereafter with new content. Our sincere apologies for the delay.

  • Mix Buddy 1.1 available now on the App Store

    Mix Buddy has been updated to version 1.1 and contains great new features plus many new tutorial videos and EQ Blueprints. New in Mix Buddy 1.1 is the abillity to create your own EQ Blueprints and save eq and mix tips that you gather during study or from friends, books, magazines, blogs, etc. Use EQ […]

  • Could US produced Mac be the next Mac Pro?

    Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed yesterday that a new refresh of an existing Mac product will be the first product built completely in the U.S. As many audio pro’s are anxiously waiting for a new Mac Pro we can’t help but wonder (or maybe hope is the better word) that this new machine will be […]