• Zen Studio new USB interface by Antelope Audio

Antelope Audio new Zen Studio USB Interface

It’s called the Zen Studio and by first looks this is one monster of a USB audio interface from Antelope Audio with an impressive set of features.

Zen Studio is a professional and portable audio interface with great analog and digital connectivity. It has 12 world-class mic pres, Antelope’s precise and well known clocking, on-board DSP effects with multiple monitor mixers and a proprietary low-latency USB connectivity. Zen Studio is a high-end mobile recording system that easily fits in your backpack.

Zen Studio has Antelope Audio’s custom-built USB chip, the Orion32. This delivers extremely low latency when streaming 32 channels in and 32 out simultaneously. The latency varies between 1 and 6.5 ms for different hardware and software configurations. Next to this the Zen Studio offers an extremely powerful DSP, based on a custom FPGA device delivering parallel processing capabilities. According to Antelope, the FPGA makes the DSP chip in Zen Studio eight times more powerful than the ones used in similar devices. This allows fast simultaneous processing of multiple effects.

Connectivity of the Zen Studio by  Antelope Audio

Zen Studio is fully controllable using a desktop application available for both PC and Mac. This offers flexible signal routing, DSP-based effects and the ability to create custom presets. You can create up to four independent, zero-latency mixes assignable to any outputs, including two independent headphone and monitor outputs. All audio I/O is available simultaneously for a total of 38 possible input and 32 output channels, plus 24 simultaneous I/O channels via custom USB, supporting 24-bit, 192 kHz audio.

The powerful routing and effects software for the Zen Studio by Antelope Audio.

– Analog-sounding A/D & D/A conversion
– Comprehensive mic pres, HiZ instrument and line inputs
– Massive parallel DSP and effects processing
– Zero-latency USB audio interface
– Extremely flexible routing and mixing capabilities
– Acclaimed clocking technology
– 2 Class A mic preamps, with phantom power
– 8 mic/line inputs
– 4 mic/line/instrument inputs
– 2 Independently assignable headphone outputs
– 2 DSUB-25 connector (8 channels I/O)
– 1 Stereo monitor out
– 4 ADAT connectors (up to 16 channels I/O)
– 2 SPDIF RCA connectors (I/O)
– 2 Inserts over TRS
– 2 Word Clock BNC connectors (I/O)
– 1 Low-latency high-bandwidth USB 2.0

More information on Zen Studio can be found on Antelope Audio’s website.