• Abbey Road RS124 Plugin

Abbey Road Discontinues Plugins

Abbey Road Plugins today announced that they have discontinued the sale of the TG Mastering Pack, RS124 Compressor and TG12413 Limiter plugins.

Those who own valid licenses for these plugins will still be able to use them in compatible DAWs but the plugins won’t receive any further updates. The Brilliance Pack plugin is not being discontinued but will be updated by Softube. Owners of the Brilliance Pack that use Pro Tools 11 users will be happy learn that Softube is working on an update for AAX 64-bit compatibility. While Softube is working on the update the Brilliance Pack will not be available for sale.

Existing owners of the Brilliance Pack will be able to update for free once the update becomes available later this year. More information on the discontinued plugins is available from the Abbey Road Plugins website.